BCS Thoughts #3–the Vegetables made me do it

I just read Phil Vischer’s book about the rise and fall of his entertainment company, Big Idea. You may know Phil Vischer as the creator of Veggie Tales, the much beloved cartoon based on Bible stories. His story is compelling, but even more compelling are the lessons he learned.

The most important lesson he shared was how Christians make the mistake of perpetual motion. We feel like we have to act, move, intercede, do something in order to be doing God’s work. That is plain untrue.

He learned that in order to do God’s work, we first need utter reliance on Him. This does not come easily or naturally for us work-ethic protestants! Surrender and reliance only comes from spending time in the Bible, praying for guidance, and from being still enough to hear His call in your life. We should not be making any goals for our lives except one–to be in the will of God!

That is one powerful lesson.

In the busy times ahead this summer, please take time to read, pray, and listen. Your master wants you to do His work, but His work may not be what you are thinking it should be. Surrender yourself and obey His call in your life, then and only then, will you be doing His work.

Stacey Cost


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