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BCS Thoughts #3–the Vegetables made me do it

I just read Phil Vischer's book about the rise and fall of his entertainment company, Big Idea. You may know Phil Vischer as the creator of Veggie Tales, the much beloved cartoon based on Bible stories. His story is compelling, but even more compelling are the lessons he learned. The most important lesson he shared Read more

Looking Ahead to Next Year!

If you are wondering when our holidays are next year, check out the 17-18 School Calendar: 2017 2018 Calendar If you are type-A  (like Mrs. Cost), you may want to get a jump on supplies for next year. Use this as a guide Supply List 2017-2018 K-8th. If you lost the Summer Reading and Math packet, look Read more

BCS Summer Camp–The Best Way to Spend a Summer!

BCS Campers enjoying an Adventure at Longwood Gardens! BCS Summer Camp is ready to launch! Camp will start June 12th and run all summer long (except July 4th week) until school starts back up in  August. Camp is open to the public and campers can attend daily, weekly, or the entire summer. Camp is for Read more