April Newsletter

Greetings ,

We know that for parents, bringing their children to BCS is an investment in the future. In order to be good stewards and to
provide an outstanding experience, we are always looking for ways to improve our school. In December and January, we
asked for feedback from parents (of current, graduated, withdrawn students) about BCS. We asked about satisfaction, why
parents chose BCS, and what improvements we could make.
The main themes of the feedback from the survey are academics, communication, and safety/security.

1 – Current parents rated their satisfaction with BCS at 4.19/5.00. This is a high satisfaction rate, but there is always
room to improve!

2 – Parents think that there is room to grow in satisfaction in:
o availability of financial aid
o diversity of students and staff
o support for individual learning needs
o offering good value for the money
o school security
o dress code
o ability for parents to voice their concerns

3 – 81.6% of respondents heard about BCS from current or former students or teachers. BPC members were also
mentioned as great marketers of BCS!

4 – 13.6% of respondents heard about BCS through the website or internet search.

5 – Parents cited these reasons as important when first deciding to send their child to BCS:
o strong character and values
o caring school environment
o high-quality teachers
o academic excellence
o Christian-based education
o positive peer influence

6 – Parents who have left BCS cited these reasons:
o graduation
o financial reasons
o dissatisfaction with staff
o student’s learning needs unmet

7 – Parents thought that all of BCS Core Values (Academic Rigor, Grace, Outreach, Service, and Integrity) were
emphasized well (>3.0/5.0) but Academic Rigor could be emphasized more.

Below is a link to a Google form asking for feedback or suggestions on some Areas of Focus. There is space for you to choose
two to comment on. If you want to comment on more than two, please fill out another form. We will ask the people who
commented on that topic to attend focus groups to discuss the topic and to brainstorm for improvement strategies. We want
to hear from you!


We have already discussed the results with our teachers and office staff and have solicited their feedback. As a result of their
input, we have augmented our security protocol for visitors and staff and will make some improvements to communications
that we will roll out in April.

These improvements are:
– develop a time and date stamped Visitor’s badge for all visitors to wear in the building
– staff should wear identification badges on campus
– redesign the Tuesday Tidbits to be more user-friendly (i.e. less scrolling)
– develop a quarterly e-newsletter to better communicate what is coming up in each grade level academically and
each specials class as well as give an update on any safety drills and staff professional development from the prior

We would like to thank Dustin Sleesman for all of his work on the survey and in interpreting the results.
Thank you for your feedback!

Track Schedule:
Saturday, April 6 Quakertown 8:00 am-12:00 pm
Saturday, April 13 Quakertown 8:00 am-12:00 pm
Tuesday, April 23 MACSA at Messiah College- All day event
Saturday, April 27 Quakertown 8:00 am-12:00 pm
Saturday, May 4 Quakertown 8:00 am-12:00 pm

Upcoming Events:
4/18-22 Easter Break—He has Risen!
4/25 The Lighthouse Youth Banquet at BCS, no hot lunch
5/10 Fine Arts Gala and Open House 6:00-8:00pm
5/17 Bulldog Run, Silent Auction, Live Auction, and Raffles ****!
**** We will be selling raffle tickets for $20/ticket. We have three raffles: Philadelphia Eagles tickets, Penn State Football
tickets and BBQ, and $2,000 voucher for treatment at McCormick Orthodontics. All proceeds benefit BCS! Contact Pam
Leather if interested in purchasing a raffle ticket.
Are you looking for an antidote to apathy? BCS students care—about their schoolwork, about their classmates and teachers,
about their future. We are enrolling now for the 2019-2020 school year. Please call Kelly Cudicio at (610) 998-0877 or email
her at kcudicio@bethanychristian.org. Remember, we are educating for eternity!

Please thank God for all of His blessings and continue to pray that His will be done.

Stacey and Daisey, Administrative Team

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