Interdisciplinary education rooted in the principles of Christianity

We strive for academic rigor at every level and support each individual as they grow towards their highest potential. Our method integrates Christian values and teachings with a graduated curriculum that ensures students understand the principles needed to further their education.
We are concerned with the whole child, not just academics, but head, heart, and hands. Your child is more than a test score, more than a number. We are committed to building disciples as well as good citizens who contribute to the world and serve their communities.

Early childhood development

Our preschool is a developmental program focusing on learning through involvement and play. learn more

Biblical world view guides all disciplines

booksThe principles of a Christian worldview permeate through every course and activity at BCS. Our goal is to help students grow in their faith and equip them with the moral foundation to impact their world for Christ.

  • The study of Scripture daily for kindergarten through eighth grades
  • Chapel weekly for all grades

mathscienceScience and Mathematics

Engaging students in science and mathematics early in life is increasingly more important in our global world as these industries offer rapidly growing career opportunities. Science and math courses are taught using an applied methodology that deepens student comprehension. Teachers have been trained in S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and we are finding ways to incorporate S.T.E.M. principles in each class, as early as preschool. We are working with our Art Program to include Art in our S.T.E.M. intiatives because we understand how creativity inspires innovation. We encourage engagement through in-class activities and participation in off-site events such as ACSI’s Math Olympiad and Chester County Connex.

readingReading, Writing, Language Arts and Grammar

Communication, organization and critical thinking skills are essential in every field of study. Through the basics of reading, phonetics, and grammar to more advanced technical and creative writing projects, we help students hone their skills and aspire to become excellent communicators.


Co-curricular classes and classroom devices teach students to use technology as more than just an entertainment mechanism. Each classroom is equipped with iPads and interactive White Boards. We also have a PC Lab equipped with laptop computers to help enhance student education. Middle schoolers are assigned a Chromebook for the year as a tool to assist them in the exploration of curricular concepts and collaboration. learn more

Co-curricular activities

Art, music, physical education, Spanish, and technology classes are embedded with the daily core academic curriculum. These classes help students develop a more well-rounded education, special skills and interests for their futures. learn more