Faith Based Learning

Christian principles and a biblical worldview seamlessly integrated with academic diversity

Faith-based learning fosters an environment where students learn the wisdom and knowledge of God and His creation, strive for academic excellence, and develop spiritual grounding that leads them through life.

As a faith-based learning establishment, Bethany Christian School’s goal is to be an institution where high quality learning and faith are not mutually exclusive, but integrated the way our God intended.

We therefore appreciate inquiring minds, the desire to create, freedom to explore, and the will to achieve order as expressions of God’s image within us. We seek to stimulate these internal motivational forces so that our students will find their educational experiences to be genuinely fulfilling.

  • your child to be treated as an individual in class and outside
  • a tight-knit, supportive community
  • academic & spiritual support
  • emphasis and application of service through action

Christian education inspires academic & spiritual growth

A quality Christian school education goes well beyond the transactional, it is transformational. Research shows that a quality Christian education has a significant influence on the lives of its students. Christian school graduates:

  • typically outperform the majority of their peers academically
  • more generous in their giving habits and charitable acts
  • have stronger bonds and a greater commitment to their community
  • subscribe to greater biblical worldview practices

Balancing faith with an exceptional academic program

Christian principles are an integral part of all courses of study. We help students achieve greater academic and spiritual wisdom through experiences that fuse the teachings and word of God with core academic classes. We engage Christ through:

  • Daily Study of Scripture
  • Weekly Chapel at our Ministry Partner, Bethany Presbyterian Church
  • Theme Verse – an annual bible passage that is our guiding principal throughout the year, integrated into academics, play, and discipline.
  • Practicing Christian principles of love and support in every classroom and engagement

Curiosity and diversity are taught alongside faith

Rigorous science, math, and technology classes help students understand the physical aspects of our world alongside the meta-physical aspects. Our curriculum ensures students understand scientific theories, current events, pressing issues, and guiding principles both academically and through the lens of a world-view shaped by their knowledge of Truth as revealed in God’s Word.

Community open to all

We are an open community that accepts and appreciates the inclusion of all families regardless of religious affiliation. The foundations of the Christian faith and a biblical world-view are taught to all students.

These same principles propel our love, acceptance, and support for our community. At Bethany Christian School, you can expect:

  • your child to be treated as an individual in class and outside
  • a tight-knit, supportive community
  • academic & spiritual support
  • emphasis and application of service through action

BCS and Common Core

Most of you by now have heard something about the “Common Core State Standards.”  These are an attempt by several organizations to improve and unify our national education standards.  BCS has reviewed the ELA (English/Language Arts) and Math Common Core standards and compared them to our current curricular standards.  We meet and/or exceed the overwhelming majority of the standards at our school.  Therefore, we view the Common core standards as a “floor we rise above” and not a “ceiling that we strive to reach.”  Below is a link to an excellent resource on the Common Core standards produced by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and affirmed by several other Christian school organizations.  It provides an in-depth explanation of the origin of the Common Core, its goals, and its criticisms.  It is helpful in answering many of your questions. If after reviewing this resource you have any additional questions related to the Common Core standards and BCS, please do not hesitate to contact Daisey Ingiosi, our Director of Academics.


ASCI Position on Common Core State Standards