Feel the Love, Join the Family!

At BCS we are a family!

This culture of family is intentionally demonstrated and fiercely protected! Part of being a family is knowing each other on a personal level, giving grace and space when needed, and praying together. See what some of our parents and staff have to say about BCS.

Why I love Bethany Christian School…..

We love Bethany because of its good balance in guiding the children spiritually, academically and socially.  We appreciate that the teachers are not only friendly but have a genuine concern for each student.  We have confidence in knowing that when our child is at Bethany the same principles that we value at home are being reinforced at school.

The love and genuine concern the faculty and staff show to the students.  My children have always felt welcome, loved and cared about.  That is a comforting feeling for us as parents!

In first grade, my son was so affected by the Biblical teaching that during some quiet time he decided to pray.  While he was praying, he felt the desire to give his heart to the Lord.  When he got home he described what had happened, he said he could feel Jesus walking into his heart, “it felt like he hugged my heart!”  I had never seen my child so excited and full of joy over anything.

We love Bethany because even when it is a dull full of clouds, you can step inside the doors at Bethany and the sun just shines.

Each of the staff here at Bethany show so much love and kindness to everyone that step through the doors!

God is Good, All the Time!

Make a tree good and its fruit will be good, or make a tree bad and its fruit will be bad, for a tree is recognized by its fruit.

Matthew 12:33

My son has learning differences and his teachers have embraced and help him overcome his obstacles.  They exemplify amazing amounts of love and patience.  They draw children to Christ by sharing their love of Christ.  My kids are upset when we don’t go early for before care or if I pick them up early from after care.

Today when we pulled up to school my son said, “home, sweet home!”   I agree, Bethany provides a warm, cozy, safe place to learn!

We appreciate the superb, friendly staff, education enrichment and biblical disciple for our preschool daughter.  Every morning we are greeted with a smile, as well as a contagious excitement and energy in the classroom.  As working parents, we feel very comfortable with our decision to send her to Bethany.  The academic program provides our child with the necessary skills to begin her journey as a productive citizen .  Thank you.  We are extremely grateful and thrilled for her journey at Bethany Christian School.

Bethany Christian School is a school built on compassion.  When I drop my daughter off in the morning I know that she is loved and taught by intelligent, caring professionals.  Bethany gives guidance in a way tat teachers the children to be respectful and thankful along with a curriculum revolving around God’s presence.

We love Bethany because it gives my children a stable environment with staff that wants to see my children succeed and genuinely care about their well-being.  Life outside of school can be hectic and crazy but I know when my children step into school…they are protected by the Grace of
God and God-fearing individuals.

We like Bethany because they care about my son’s academics, but even more so they care about his character and his relationship with the Lord.  I appreciate the joyful “Good Morning!” from Stacey Cost on the mornings that I drop off my son.

Bethany has been a huge part of my life for the past 11 years.  I have met people who have become some of my closest friends during my times a faculty member at Bethany.  It is a blessing to work in an environment where we all serve the same God and work for the same purpose of sharing his love with the children and families under our care.

Bethany is an extended family member and I know my children are safe and learning with the values we instill in them at home.  My children shine in church with their knowledge of the Bible, but not just written knowledge, but practical application of the Bible!

After spending three great days with our Bethany Middle Schoolers I can honestly say that we are blessed to have a group of students who model amazing attitudes and a wonderful thirst to know and explore the world.  Sometimes when I tell adults that I teach Middle
School they say that they sympathize with me…but they never met our kids because they are a joy to spend time with every day.  They are not perfect and they have their moments, but they are truly an outstanding group of young people.

Bethany Christian School is a safe environment for my child to get an education along with a spiritual emphasis.  God is still a part of the classroom and teaching.  You see it on the walls and in the teachers care with students.  The Leadership is highly motivated to honor God and incorporates change as a positive aspect to the overall progression of the school’s improvement.

We love Bethany because we can freely and openly bring our wonderful God into the classroom.  We are loved and cared for by the staff as the family of Christ, not just parents.  We have amazing teachers that love the Lord sowing seeds into our children each day.  Bethany is so much more than a school…it’s a ministry and an extension of God’s love.

Leena Hadzick–mom to a 7th grader, 5th grader, and 2nd grader (Guest Speaker at the BCS Banquet held October 2, 2015)

Thank you for this opportunity to share what a Bethany Christian School education has meant to our family. My name is Leena Hadzick. I am a mom of five, and have three daughters currently at Bethany.

The last 10 years at Bethany have without a doubt been life changing and significant for our entire family.  Bethany Christian School contributed to this by providing the location where God would place the people in our lives that are part of our family’s story of salvation. To back track a little…when our now 7th grader was 3, our family was new to the area and we were searching for a preschool. Many of the local preschools are affiliated with churches. We were not a church going family, but believed in God and identified with a religion, and thought this element to school would be nice for our daughter to be a part of. Little did I know at the time the foundation that the Lord was laying in my life.

Our preschool years at Bethany were wonderful. We were surrounded by loving teachers, Athena Mummert, Wy McCartney, and Christine Spencer and our aides Sandy Reyburn and Trish Hill…and in retrospect I sum it up as being totally accepted just as we were from day one.

In our daughter’s second year at preschool I met Tina Kinsey. Tina’s son was in our daughter’s class. Tina and I got to know each other, and over time a friendship developed. Tina easily and naturally shared her faith in Jesus with me. It was clear that the Lord was part of her everyday life. I
listened to her, genuinely interested in this direct, almost pope like, line she had to God. I was fascinated, but frankly I couldn’t at all relate to where she was coming from. After all, I was a good person, kind, and always tried my best to do the right thing. Therefore I thought I was where I needed to be with God too.

It was after going through some difficult life events soon after meeting Tina, a late miscarriage, and almost losing my dad to a serious illness, that the reality of what Tina had with God, and was living out daily, became increasingly more attractive to me. She was patient, and never pushed me, and instead focused on being my friend and listening, meeting me right where I was, not where she knew I needed to be. Yet, eventually she sensed when I was ready…realizing the depths of my loneliness, emptiness and need for a Savior. She gently encouraged me to accept Christ. Stubbornly, and still holding on to my religion of origin which taught me that I already had God in my life, I agreed. Under a willow tree at our former home, on an unseasonably warm March day in 2008, I sat and prayed…I repented…and I asked God if Tina was right and I was wrong, that he would show me…and would fill me with his love, and change me forever and be MY Lord and Savior too.

It was truly like a lightbulb went off. Something clicked inside me. The unreachable God of the universe suddenly became my personal confidant. I was humbled.  It felt surreal, and beautiful, and peaceful. It was a sense of comfort I have never before known. l never felt more alive.

So, together we embarked on a new journey. Our daughter, soon after transitioning into an official kindergartener, and I a kindergartener in Christ.

As a new believer I was so grateful to have my daughter at a school that supported what I myself was learning. I felt overwhelmed but excited with all there was to learn. Our daughter and I were memorizing scripture together as part of homework assignments, and I was getting the basics along with her.  Soon after, my husband joined us on this journey, and our younger daughters eventually made their way into the preschool and soon after were on to the elementary school..how the years fly by.

One thing that has left a strong impression on me along the way is to not take for granted the seemingly ordinary moments of life. God is always with us, working on us, and revealing himself to us. But are we even noticing?
~ It was an ordinary day when God brought Tina into my life during a regular day of preschool drop off.
~ It is an ordinary school day when the girls come home and share that a classmate prayed with their teacher and accepted Christ.
~ It is an ordinary day at school when I hear about our daughter’s middle school class having discussions around how to share Christ with others….literally crying together over lost opportunities, but realizing at a young age the precious responsibility we have to pay forward this gift we have received.
~ It’s an ordinary day of learning the creation story, and how it applies to the way the world views evolution.

My kids come home daily with practical examples of how their teachers are guiding them in how to relate to the world as Christians…existing in the world, yet standing apart in it, and remaining true to who they are in Christ…..no matter what.
The more time our family spends at Bethany. The more I truly realize this is as much an education for me, as it is for my children.

Teachers, it is no secret that your wages are substantially lower than your public school counterparts. And I am sure your days can feel hard and thankless at times. Our wonderful children can be difficult …trust me.. we live with them…we know!

However, what you are doing for, and with our children cannot be measured in standardized test scores, or on a report card, or even compensated in a salary. You are planting seeds in them that will hopefully lead them to everlasting life. Understanding this is the single most important part of their existence on this earth. You are directly weaving this hope into the tapestries of their lives in your classrooms. This is priceless. Devoting yourselves to this mission with reap a reward from your Heavenly Father that is far greater than anything that could ever be measured by worldly standards.

Our school has had a recent season of transition and change, and that has been refreshing for some, and left others unsure of the school’s future.

However, let us collectively put that aside and choose to not allow this to be a distraction from the ordinary moments that happen everyday at our school with extraordinary significance. Lives, like ours, are being changed forever…long after our time at Bethany ends. We are forever grateful for a school like this that exists in our community, and feel privileged to be associated with Bethany Christian School.

As person who came here because I needed a preschool for my daughter, and who will be on a symbolic level graduating with her next year as a Christ follower, I ask all of us not to get too comfortable in our salvation. Let us always challenge ourselves not to judge those we encounter in the hallways at school, but also not assume we are automatically here because of Christ.  Let’s allow the Holy Spirit to move freely in us if we meet someone at our school, or out in the world, who needs to hear about the saving power of Jesus and his message of love. I challenge all of us to be brave enough to share this gift.  While the glory forever goes to God, I am so grateful for Tina’s obedient heart. Amidst her busy life, she took the time to notice me, and followed the prompting of the Holy Spirit to share Christ with me.

Some days I have to catch myself from going down the road of feeling depressed that it took me the first 30 years of my life to get this. Yet, then I see God’s redeeming love all around me. Most especially in my children who have a true heart for the Lord, and it is inspiring to keep looking only forward and not back.

My 10 year old daughter has already led a classmate, and this summer her grandmother,  to Christ, and prayed with them as they accepted Jesus. These are again the extraordinary moments of life that happen when few are watching…similar perhaps to a typical day at school.

So, as I pause here with this part of our story, as the rest is still being written, I encourage you today to be inspired  that God is working in, and through the faithful servants associated with Bethany Christian School. Our family is eternally changed, and keep in mind…this is the story of just one family.