Learning Support

Different teaching methods for different learning styles

Individualized attention and special programs provide learning support

Every person learns differently and has different strengths and challenges. Support for different learning styles and special needs is essential in helping your child overcome their academic challenges.

Mrs. Stefani Peterson is our Learning Support teacher. She works with students who have been identified either with an IEP or by teacher or parent recommendation as needing support services. Her supports students in Math, Reading, study strategies, or organizational skills. She can see referred students for a short duration or weekly throughout the entire school year. She works closely with the classroom teacher and any additional specialists from the Chester County Intermediate Unit (CCIU). Students may see Mrs. Peterson, but may not qualify for CCIU interventions.

The CCIU  offers on-site support for students who qualify. They offer weekly sessions with:

  • Speech therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Reading specialists
  • Math specialists
  • Assistive Technology specialists

The teacher will recommend a specialist if it appears that your child will benefit from this.

Small class size offers more individual attention

The average BCS class size is 17 students. Small class sizes help our teachers respond appropriately to your student’s personality, learning style, strengths, and challenges.

Classroom Aides assigned to our preschool, kindergarten , and  3rd grade classrooms in addition to Elementary and Middle School Aides help support the overall instructional program and ensure each child receives the attention they need.