Elementary School (K-5)

Mentoring and Guiding Those Entrusted to Our Care

Elementary Core Values: Kindergarten    1st Grade    2nd Grade    3rd Grade    4th Grade    5th Grade


The five core academic subject areas in the elementary program at BCS are reading, math, social studies, science and Bible. Students are instructed in these 5 core subjects every day.

The primary emphasis in the early grades (K-3) is on helping students to develop strong literacy skills.  Skills related to learning to decode text, building sight word recognition, developing a good vocabulary, improving in reading fluency, and ultimately building strong comprehension are central to our approach.  We utilize curricular materials in these grades that contain all these critical components of literacy. Focus in math is on understanding core mathematical principles related to the four main operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. An emphasis is placed on students mastering their basic math facts which will help them be successful as they progress from Elementary into Middle School.

The whole elementary program emphasizes the development of a students’ ability to communicate clearly their thoughts both verbally and in writing.  Encouraging and challenging our students towards greater critical thinking is also a focus of our program.

In grades 4 and 5, students are expected to apply what they have learned, infer outcomes, and think on a deeper level. Expectations grow as students advance toward Middle School. Math and science become more complex and students are encouraged to think freely and set goals.

Spiritual Mentorship

The spiritual mentorship of students is valued as much as the academic development of our students at BCS.  Through daily study of the Scriptures, and weekly chapel, the goal is to help students understand God’s love and plan for their own lives.

Co-Curricular Activities

Our co-curricular activities (art, music, gym, PC Lab, and library) are also important components of our educational program.

Field Trips

Field trips are an important enhancement to learning. Time spent away from school deepening understanding is time well spent. All field trips are included in the cost of tuition. Trips for elementary school vary each year and might include:

  • Ashland Nature Center
  • Brandywine Zoo
  • Delware Museum of Natural History
  • Hagley
  • Harrrisburg
  • Gettysburg Battlefield
  • The Museum School
  • Mini Golf Math