High School

Welcome to Bethany Christian School High School

Bethany Christian School has partnered with Wilson Hill Academy to provide a distance learning High School at BCS.  We will start with registering 9th and 10th graders for the 2020-2021 school year, and build from there.  If you would like more information, please contact the school at 610-998-0877 or email info@bethanychristian.org.

Wilson Hill Academy

  • Christian
  • A biblical worldview is embedded in all courses
  • Christian staff and teachers
  • Accredited
  • Classical
    • An educational process that emphasizes the study of liberal arts with a strong focus on grammar, logic, and rhetoric
    • 1,500 students worldwide, mostly in the USA

High School Overview

  • 9th – 12th grades (registering for 9th grade for the 2020-2021 school year)
  • Distance learning provided by Wilson Hill Academy
  • Meet 5 days per week at BCS; the same time as BCS (8:20 – 3:00)
  • Academic classes Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday
  • Friday schedule would vary (Test/Quizzes; Science Labs; Field Trips/Guest speakers; Life Skills Classes)
  • High School Coordinator will monitor students on-site and serve as liaison to Wilson Hill Academy (WHA)


Academic classes are provided by WHA.  All classes are recorded, as they are a distance learning, web-based classroom.  Electives, such as Art, Music, and PE, are provided by Bethany Christian School.  We will also offer AP courses, such as; Calculus, Statistics, Biology, Environmental Science, Latin, and Physics.  AP courses are only available to students in grades 10-12.


Parents and students have the option of two tracks.

1 – Wilson Hill Academy: Classical Track

  • Complete all requirements for Wilson Hill Academy
  • Classical components (logic, rhetoric, Latin)
  • Dual enrollment
  • Transcript from both BCS and WHA (BCS transcripts will indicate dual enrollment)
  • Gradate from both WHA and BCS

2 – BCS Track

  • No classical components (logic, rhetoric, Latin)
  • Includes Health and Service component
  • BCS transcripts and graduate from BCS

Admissions and Tuition

Tuition rates for the 2021-2022 School year –  click here.

        * BCS Tuition includes WHA tuition
        * BCS will provide books
                 – Families may keep the books for an additional fee
        * BCS provides Chromebooks to use at BCS
        * Family provides computer or Chromebook to use a home
        * Field Trips may be an additional cost depending on trip

        * Some AP classes are an additional cost

If you would like to apply, please click here and complete our online application.

 Graduation Requirements