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I pray that you have all dodged the flu bug this year. Working with children super-charges the immune system, but every once in a while we succumb!


I have been thinking a lot about joy recently and what can steal our joy. We all know that joy is a fruit of the spirit and that it, like all of the “fruit,” comes from God and the Holy Spirit. Life:Beautiful magazine had a good article on joy in their Winter 2016-17 issue. My friend and co-worker, Kelly Cudicio, sent me this magazine when I was recovering from neck surgery. I picked it up recently to re-read this article and thought I would share a portion of it.


Stealing Joy by Al Edekar

At times everyone feels a loss of joy. There are at least five causes for a lack of joy. Each of these difficulties stems from the same root issue—a break in fellowship with God.


Sin. Sin breaks your relationship with God. God is holy. When you sin, the Holy Spirit convicts you of your wrongs to bring you back into relationship with God. You may be resistant and slow to repent and turn back to God. As you mature in Christ, you will find joy through repentance and becoming filled with he Holy Spirit once again.


Anxiety. Jesus speaks about this joy stealer (Matthew 6:25, Luke 10:41). You may let lack of money, health, friends, or peace get between God and you. Cast your cares on Jesus by placing them in their proper perspective and position. God is greater than any care.


Busyness. Work, family, home, health, and school all tug on you like a pack of 4-year-olds seeking attention. None in the list is bad. However, placing any as a higher priority than God will squeeze out joy. Don’t allow that which is good to crowd out God.


Compartmentalizing. Avoid confining God to a small area of your life. Trying to keep Jesus in “safe” areas and blocking Him out of others is limiting you, not Him. Invite His joyful presence everywhere in your life. Learn more about this concept in the booklet My Heart—Christ’s Home by the late Presbyterian minister Robert Boyd Munger. Find it on the internet.


Idols. Do you place ultimate trust in money, status, beauty, intelligence, or another person? Anything you turn to as a replacement for God is an idol. When these things don’t deliver the better circumstances you expect, you are shattered and have no joy. Find lasting joy by letting God destroy your idols. Once idols are removed, your renewed understanding of God and His power will bring joy and peace.



I pray that each of you experience a new sense of joy and happiness. Look to the Psalms for inspiration.


Upcoming Events:

2/1 Basketball game at Linville Hill (girls 4:00, boys 5:00)

2/5 Basketball games at home vs. Newark Charter—last home game of the season (girls 4:00, boys 5:00)

2/8 Basketball game at West Fallowfield (boys 3:30, girls 4:30)

2/15 Basketball game at Tristate Christian Academy (girls 4:00, boys 5:00) and Spirit Day—Career Day

2/19 President’s Day, School Closed

2/22 BCS Talent Show 7:00pm

Mark your calendar for the BCS and Street Lamp Productions presentation of scenes from Peter Pan on March 17th at 5:00pm.


If you are or have friends who may be considering Christian schooling for their children, please call Kelly Cudicio at (610) 998-0877 or email her at info@bethanychristian.org. Remember, we are educating minds and transforming hearts!


Please thank God for all of His blessings and continue to pray that His will be done.


Stacey and Daisey, Administrative Team

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